Friday, November 5, 2010

My Sincerest Apologies!

My absence has not been intentional! Every fall I take our computer into our local "Geek Squad" (their words not mine), to flush out all of the bad bugs and/or viruses and update all of the appropriate software. 

Well, Monday afternoon I took our trusty laptop in. Unfortunately, I was informed that they had just downsized, and they now are considerably understaffed.  So all I could do is put my patience cap and wait.

But now I am back in the game my friends. So needless to say, I am very far behind in my recipes. So I will be posting all weekend, maybe even later on today.

Farming Fabulously


Kelly said...

Ahh...blogging mystery solved! Those are some seriously cute costumes!

Miller Racing Family said...

CUTE, CUTE photos.
I love the second photo, the smiles are priceless.
Glad you are back!

Tractor Mom said...

Don't feel bad! I'm catching up myself.

What cute little trick or treaters!