Monday, November 29, 2010

Triple Layer Pumpkin Spice Pie

Did everyone have a fantastic Thanksgiving? I know we sure did! We meandered our way home yesterday evening after a spectacular week in the tundra (hence my blogging absence). Having a power packed week of fun; We consumed numerous gobblers,  we distributed candy at this parade, cheered on this team to victory at the historical Camp Randall Stadium, and much much more. But that will all be discussed on a later day (I kind of forgot my camera, with all of my pictures up north, so until the UPS gods smile down on me, I will have to patiently wait to share my photos).

This is a scrumptious dessert that I prepared right before I left for Wisconnie. In fact, SMS took it to a golf outing to share with everyone. Quick to prepare and only requires 7 ingredients for this delight. I love the fact that all you need to do is through this into the refrigerator and voila one hour later you are done.

For more information regarding this recipe please click HERE.

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