Monday, December 13, 2010

FF's Favorite Thing of 2010

There is nothing better then a family "Mug" shot. Last weekend we all got together to throw Grandma SMS (Sugar Momma Sherry), a surprise birthday bash. We all actually kept a secret from her for three whole weeks, that is quit remarkable considering we all talk to g-ma often. I think she was thrilled with the whole "surprise" experience.

Now onto the title of this post, FF's Favorite Thing of 2010! Each year I watch Oprah's Ultimate Give-Away, she displays different items that have really impressed her throughout the year. I thoroughly enjoy keeping up on the latest and greatest of well basically anything; Gadgets, Technology, Cooking Utensils, Machines, Electronics, Restaurants, you name it.

So this holiday season, I would like to treat you ,my lovely blogging buddies to the ultimate give-away. As you know, this time of year Baby D and I go around the surrounding counties and delivery cheer and homemade bake goods to all of the local businesses that help us throughout the year. This is our third consecutive year now of honoring what "We in this here parts", refer to as GATKAD, or more commonly known as Going Around Town Kissing Ass Day.

Well, this year I would like to extend a warm holiday tribute to all of you. Next Tuesday December 21, other wise known as the first official day of winter, Baby D and I will be making our yearly Christmas route around our community spreading holiday cheer. And on this joyous day, I would like to be delivering my Ultimate Favorite Thing of 2010 to you.

Now, this particular item would intrigue both males and females. I am not going to tell you what this item is, I want to see the look on your face/faces when we deliver it personally to you. You will be absolutely ecstatic once have this gift. I am so excited.

Onto the eligibility requirements! You will have to next Monday December 20th to e-mail ( and tell me why you or why even your fellow co-workers deserve to win the Ultimate Favorite Give-Away 2010. It can be as short as a couple of sentences or as long as one page double space with 18" font, or even a five pager your choice.

The question you will be answering is:

How do you support your local community throughout the year.

Always buy locally
Sponsor Organizations
Serve at the local food pantry
Never liter
Adopt Pets

But just to for worn, be sure to dress in your finest attire for December 21. As this year I will be bringing the camera with me, so all of you can be featured on my GATKAD post. So grab your pens and paper my peeps and tell me why you deserve to be my first Ultimate Favorite Thing Give-Way 2010 Winner.
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Miller Racing Family said...

Love the photos! I always get a kick out of the GATKAD. I will have to be thinking of why we should get the prize!
Have a great one!