Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cheese Straws In Pesto

Remember that Bridal Shower that I posted about afew weeks ago? Well, I am still attempting to show you all of the magnificent finger foods that were on display. With only few ingredients required, the cheese straws were a proven hit. Now the preparation was somewhat time consuming (Tiffany knows this first hand, she assembled them ever so patiently), but the overall result was well worth it. The flaky, light phyllo made for a marvelous crunch of exterior, while the gooey cheese filling made your taste buds want to just melt. The longer the straws sat out after baking, the more that they were able to form, thus creating a sturdier structure. It would give your table scape some dimension if you were to put them into a clear drinking glass, fill the bottom with the pesto of your guests choice and handout an individual portion to everyone. Hence, is what the plan was going to be until we began to ran out of time before serving and had to improvise. A decadent appetizer, if I ever did see one.

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Tiffany said...

These were crazy good, I am just not sure if I could ever make them again.