Monday, October 31, 2011

Our Roaming Gnome....

Well, I am finally back in action my friends! Baby D have been "roaming" around the northwoods for the past few weeks and I have now settled back into reality, just in time for Halloween. This year I decided to dress my little munchkin up as a Gnome (minus the beard, he wouldn't have any part of that) to go Trick or Treating.

So bright and early this morning we loaded for his first annual "Trunk or Treat". I just adore seeing all of kiddo's parade around in their costumes.

Evening the adults got in on the fun. But no matter how spooky they dressed, the kiddo's knew they had candy and would not hesitate to approach them.

There was even a little Indian boy with his trusty canine.

This beginning our first "Trunk or Treat", I was an awe at the embellished trunks that were fashionably set up.

But we couldn't go without having a photo of all of the cuties all dressed up. I can't wait to bust this picture out in a few years.

Happy Halloween,
Farming Fabulously

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