Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tortola and Antigua.....

Tortola is home to the most bareboat sailing charters in the entire world. Constant trade winds along the Sir Francis Drake Channel make for ideal conditions, so yachting around Tortola is a must. Depending on your nautical knowledge, you can either sail the seas yourself or hire a crew.

Virgin Gorda Baths are an astonishing site. Massive volcanic boulders, some the size of homes, form intimate pools, beaches and grottos (cave-like) that comprise Virgin Gorda's amazing Baths. The winding trails through the sloping, time-smoothed rocks reveal these secluded slices of paradise.

We however did not do any of those things( But people in our group did and really enjoyed them)! Instead HH and I strolled around the town checking out the local flare.

Hence, the gentleman that I am standing with below. Doesn't he look thrilled to be posing with me?

Now onto the beautiful beaches of Antigua! With 365 pristine white sand beaches, Antigua boasts a beach for every day of the year. The tranquil turquoise waters were almost surreal in form. We visited Church Hill Beach, it was absolutely gorgeous.


Another exceptional aspect of the island was again its local shopping district. I was fortunate enough to stumble upon many treasures on this island. One of my exquisite finds was in a quaint little market place were there was a local artist that caught my eye. She painted extraordinary scenes of the island on conch shells. Baby D loves these types of shells as he thoroughly enjoys listen to the ocean within them. Ranging from $20 to $30 dollars, this proved to be an amazing deal.

Another spectacular find was Goldsmitty! If you are boarder line obsessed with exclusive handmade jewelry, this is your cup of tea. I absolutely could not get enough of there remarkable designs and of coarse the 4 C's. These pieces were incredible, and guess what? They have a website were you can browse all of their fantastic pieces Highly recommend, and don't forget Valentines day is right around the corner, just say'n.

And now for your viewing pleasure.......

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Alysen said...

Oh how Bob Marley can ALWAYS put you in a good mood!! Scott and I took an excursion to the Gorda Baths and it was pretty amazing! (we learned they did a SI swimsuit shoot there in one of the cave's we saw....just a little knowledge to know)You guys experienced some wonderful places!