Monday, February 27, 2012

Jalapeno Popper Corn Dog Waffles

Rachael Ray has a series on her show that deals strictly with recipes that can be made from the waffle iron. This intrigues me! Not only can you have a meal ready in a matter of minutes, but the required ingredients are staples in your pantry/refrigerator. As I browsed through variety of unique waffle concoctions, it was hard to fathom why, darn-it, "I didn't think of that?" I eventually concluded for my first official "waffle meal", that this recipe would best suit my families hearty expectations (all things meat and starch). Instead of using hot dogs however, I used brats and it worked just fine. I also found that using a thinner layer of batter is better for the cooking process, that way it is more evenly distributed and can cook throughout. The thicker ones, I went ahead and placed them in the oven for additional cooking time. But still turned out beautifully. Baby D, loved the fact that you could eat it on a stick and then dip it into his Ketcup, he was won over by that alone.

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