Wednesday, March 7, 2012

In 15 More Days....The Hunger Games

In exactly 15 more days a fury of relentless fans will be unleashed into a superficial civilization known as Panam. I am one of those fans! 

For the last two weeks I have been captivated by the unsuspecting magnetic pull that these books posses. To the point of an unethical behavior; Calling my mother-inlaw to watch the kiddo so I could read, Staying up all hours of the night to read, Lose of appetite just to read, Avoiding the computer to read, Basically with drawing myself from society so I COULD READ! I couldn't help myself, I was mesmerized by each book, everywhere I went I had to have "The Games" with me, just incase I might get an opportunity to skim through just afew pages. So riveting and suspenseful, I was easily pulled into "Their World".

Thus I have now finished the entire series and inorder for me to accept full closure from the mind blowing spell these books have placed upon me. This is my attempt to rid myself from their infectious pull, by writing about to all of you. Thank you for letting vent, the therapy session is now concluded! Now go buy yourself a copy of "The Hunger Games" so that you too can fully compherend exactly what kind of influence these books can have.

Here is a sneak peak of the movie coming out in 15 more days The Hunger Games.

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Down On The Farm said...

Glad to know I am not the only on who becomes completely OBSESSED when reading books. I stay up all hours of the night KNOWING that my alarm will be going off soon. I shirk household things (laundry, what laundry), and carry on one word conversations (uh-huh) with anyone who tries to speak to me when I'm reading :0! And I'm always disappointed when the book is finished. I LOVE READING!