Thursday, September 27, 2012

While We Were Away Dexter.......

Our 39 pounder is now 3 years old. Yikes...We celebrated by having his first "friend" and family combined party. Yet, the occassion wouldn't be complete without a "Corey Combine" Birthday cake.

So at 9:00 am we got the party started (hence, it was already 87 degrees outside, this summer was unfathomably hot!), the kids took to the bouncy house, like I take to a Zulily sale; no holds bar baby!

Good times were had by all!
Now, I want you to be aware of a little known fact in the Midwest. It is common place for gentlemen to carry around a certain tool that, in case of a dyer emergency may be used at any second. As you can see, BDW (Big Daddy Wayne) is reaching towards his hip to possibly retrieve it. Look very closely; And no, it is an assault riffle of any kind; And yes, I am sure my father-in-law is going to love the fact that you will now be forced into looking at his caboose.

And once again, I placed Dexter into the confined tractor wheel. Ahhh, such a big boy.

But the shindig didn't stop there. Oh, no! His friends at school need to get there sugar high elevated as well.

I can't help but giggle every time, I watch kiddo's overindulge themselves with cake.

They have absolutely no concept, that their cute little faces are covered in icing. It's as though, they zone out the fact of "feeling" on their face entirely. And simply focus on the task at hand. Cracks me up observing them.

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Alysen said...

His "Thank You" is absolutely A-DORABLE!!! Love it!! Looks like he had a fun party!!