Monday, October 11, 2010

Can You Handle Witches Hats?

Spooktacular Witches Hats, are they not? This savory little hors'doeuvres, would be the perfect compliment to any Halloween extravaganza. The Divine marriage of the salty Kalamata olives to the creaminess of the pungent goat cheese is simply irresistible. I choose to use homemade pita chips as my base of the hat instead of the Italian bread, I prefer more of the crunch. Did I mention that this appetizer also pairs wonderful with your choice of any dry wine, hint hint.

Can you believe, that Halloween is practically among us?

For more information regarding this spooktacular recipe please click HERE.

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Tractor Mom said...

I really believe you need to start your own catering business! You are full of great recipes!!

Keep 'em coming...

Miller Racing Family said...

Now those little hats are so cute. I can't believe Halloween is almost here. I have a few finishing touches on the kids costumes and sometime I need to get a few fall shots before it is over.
Hope you had a great day!