Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Story Of The 1 Year Shots!

Last week Baby D and I went into visit our local pediatrician to get his dreaded 1 year shots!

Now thus far we have only visited our pediatrician whenever, he has a check-up. Extremely lucky, I know.

But yesterday, I noticed a protruding red dot that began forming on his thigh in the area were he received his shots.

So we thought it best to have a medical expert evaluate this teardrop form on his upper leg. It was hard to the touch, and slightly warm.

Come to find out.....

Oh, wait...Here is a picture of Baby D in the exact same tractor tire he was in as a baby. Our wonderful neighbor, you know who you are, came up with an ingenious idea to make sure that we take Baby D's picture inside the tire each year. Hence, then being able to see how much Baby D grows each year. Brilliant idea right? I loved it, thanks again Diane.

Back to the story at hand! After an intense evaluation of Baby D the conclusion was meet that he had a case of varicella-zoster virus, more formally known as Chicken Pox.

One of the vaccinations that he was given last week was for chicken pox. Thus, his little bitty body had a reaction to the shot and he was thus cursed with one sole chicken pox. Who knew that could even happen? No fever, no itchy sensation, no cranky child, is not contagious, but has only one chicken pox. What this supposedly means is that in the long run Baby D will never get chicken pox ever again.

Needless to say, right now he is currently on antibiotics and the now little pink dot is starting to wither away. But it sure gave this Farm Mommy a scare!

Have a lovely day,
Farming Fabulously


Tractor Mom said...

Glad Baby D is ok! There's one less shot he is going to have to have. Love the tire picture!!

Anonymous said...

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