Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Random Thoughts...

This is one busy week here at the farmstead! We are going to be entertaining folks from three different states, starting tomorrow. Imagine if you will, placing ten people into a farmstead, each having a distinctive accent from the *insert deep southern drawl* "Hey Y'all", to *insert edgy northern flare "Oooo Uff da".  Can you guess what will happen when I add some creepy cocktails into the mix? I am sure their will be loads of stories and pictures from these events.

Some will be traveling with their hauling partners and trusty steeds on their way to this venue, (if any of you are in the KC area and are looking for some family fun, I would strongly encourage that you stop on by the American Royal Rodeo), some are on their way to visit family members and to celebrate a certain someones big 4th birthday, and yet their are others who are on their way to a leisurely visit to Branson. We are so excited to host all parties this week.

So today I am digging deep within my cookbooks and attempting to develop meals that hopefully all parties will thoroughly rave about. Even going as far as preparing a full coarse meal made up of strictly Halloween themed food. Hence, I will have lots of recipes that I will be sharing next week! Would you like to hear some of them? Well ok if you insist! One evening I will be serving an appetizer of witches fingers, an entree of yummy pork mummy, a side-dish of stuffed potato ghosts, and an fortune tellers ball for dessert. Doesn't that just scream Decadence, *insert evil cackle*.......This is going to be a power packed week of fun.

Below is a entree that I prepared last year around this time, for more information regarding that recipe you can click HERE.

In full Halloween Spirit,
Farming Fabulously

Program Note: The Pork Chop Apple Hash Recipe's link is now working correctly.


Miller Racing Family said...

Love the photo of Baby D in the costume. He would be the best pumpkin to pick from the patch.
Sounds like a fun event, let the good times roll!

Tractor Mom said...

Baby D is too cute! You need to take him to the pumpkin patch!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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