Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bust'n Out Some Big Equipment...

The farm boys have been busy trying to remove a tree line.

Well, some of the farm boys. Baby D prefers to oversee the entire operation while munching on some cheerios.

This tree was causing some "issues" amongst the fellas.

While the only "issue" Baby D was contemplating with was remove the dirt from within the wheel.

HH quickly removed him and decided to give a brief lesson about strategic "Machine Operation".

But when your attention span last as long as a 8 second bull ride, this tends to be a challenge.

Have a lovely day,
Farming Fabulously


Tractor Mom said...

D was way to clean to be digging up trees! He looks like he's not to eager to play in the dirt yet!

Great pictures...

Miller Racing Family said...

You know this is a must see post for Trey. I love the photos of Baby D over seeing the operation and also the one of him working on the machine. Hope you are enjoying this wonderful weather. It has been hard for me to stay indoors this week.
Have a great day!

Miller Racing Family said...

Hey did you check out the post about Lila turning 6 months?
We used the tutu that you sent her and the headband. Let me tell you the outfit was a scream. I think we got all the photos in that outfit. Thanks again for sending it to us!

Kelly said...

Love the "supervising" picture. And baby D will have quite the machinery repertoire before he turns 2!