Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy GATKA Day!

It is mid-way through "Going Around Town Kissing Ass Day". Thus far we have visited so many wonderful people around our lovely little community ( To be honest, Baby D is plum worn out, so right now he is taking quick siesta and then we will hit the holiday trail again). I was so excited to reveal my Ultimate Favorite Gift 2010 to a well deserved group of individuals. Not only are they some exceedingly charming and witty peeps, but they do a great deal around our area throughout the year. So it was because of their hard work, dedication, and generosity they received a lovely gift this holiday season.

Well, ta ta for now, I hear a baby chatting away in his manger and I must tend to him. Pictures of GATKA Day will be posted promptly this week. A huge thank you for everyone who entered the contest, it was so fun to read how wonderfully everyone supports their communities.

Farming Fabulously


Tractor Mom said...

Can't wait to see the winner and the goodies...

shortymcg said...

thanks for stopping by with the great "treats".... devoured by all ... which you knew would happen. Thanks so much for thinking of ALL of us. I'll send pics when I get them downloaded.)