Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Winner Is.......

Let me begin by thanking all of you who entered my Ultimate Favorite Gift Give-Away 2010. It was a very hard decision to pick just one, because you all have done such magnificent work supporting our local communities. Yet, The Staff At The Pioneer Hi-Bred Research Center, literally took the cake. That's right, the UFG of 2010 were two absolutely sinful cakes that were made by a bakery in our area. The Rolling Pin Bakery is located in the historic Glasgow Missouri. Perched upon a hill over looking the Missouri River, this hidden gem lives by the philosophy that "Life is Short, Eat dessert FIRST". Words of wisdom wouldn't you say?

Their pastries, cakes, pies, cheesecakes, cookies are too die for! Not to mention that they serve dishes (Tuscan Turkey, Reuben, BBQ Brisket, just to name afew) there from 7am to 3pm. Using only the finest/freshest ingredients, every dish is made by hand. I know this personally, actually I witnessed it hands on, because everything is prepared right in front of you. The charming little vintage dinning area peers directly into the kitchen were you can oversee the preparation of your fantastic cuisine.

They accommodate to every need by accepting specialty orders, they do catering on a routine basis and of coarse the cakes. The cakes that make my mouth salivate just think about right now. Yes, they make those cakes. So if you are anything like me this year and have not even had a chance to bust out my baking utensils, you may want to consider giving The Rolling Pin a call for all of your dessert needs over the holidays. I'm Just Say'n!

Now on to the GATKA Day festivities. As you can see we visited lots of wonderful individuals yesterday. I couldn't help but chuckle, as I was editing my pictures of the everyone at John Deere. Notice this was the first picture I took, two of the men and Baby D were smiling.

Approximately 1 minute and 3 seconds later, the group slightly increases in size the amount of smiles almost triple in size (love that holiday spirit), and Baby D has made his way off of the tractor and has lost a boot.

Approximately 30 seconds later, the has hit maximum capacity and everyone in the first two rows is smiling (I suppose the back row didn't get my memo?). And Baby D still is only wearing one boot and has now taken it upon his self to attempt to push the peddle tractor with his own free will.

Approximately 45 seconds later, Baby D decides to make a break for it, with only one boot!

Chill'n with the lovely ladies at MFA, Baby D has his priorities straight! It was so fabulous seeing all of you. Baby D and cousin Mia had such a busy day, looking all festive and such is hard work.

Well, maybe too busy? My apologies Pettis county, as the day went on Baby D's social skills decreased and his anxiety levels increased as the sugar intake was continuously consumed, not to mention any names Mr. Harvey. Happy GATKA Day!
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Tractor Mom said...

Baby D had a great time for most of the day! What a great thing for you to do every year! Merry Christmas...