Monday, January 31, 2011

Baby D's New Words....

Baby D loves learning new words each day! He is at the point now that he can repeat almost every word you through at him. Thus, giving us a challenge at times having to go as far as spelling words out that we do not want him to repeat. Example: If I ask HH "What he is going to be doing the next day?", and would wittingly answer "Working in the S-H-O-P". Because if he were to actually say "The Shop", Baby D would go sprinting to the back door and begin putting on his hat, coat, mittens, ext...And would attempt to exit the building. So above are some of his new expanded vocabulary, by some I mean two words before it gets camera shy.


Farming Fabulously

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Bree said...

I miss those days!! Mine is learning to read, & a lot of those imoprtant-to-a-five-year-old words she can also spell, so I have a hard time!!