Thursday, January 6, 2011

Meatballs With Peppers & Pineapple

If given the opportunity, I will always try mixing a hearty piece of meat with the sweetness of fruit. It is a win, win situation if you think about. You have a bountiful helping of protein with the amazing nutritional value of fruit, it really is hard to go wrong. But it is rare that you come across a beef recipe calling for a sweet pairing as one of its main ingredients. Hence, entrees such as this intrigue my palates lust for an exceptional cuisine. Besides one of my favorites, Mrs. Drummond concocted it, enough said.

Now I have tried this recipe 2 ways.
1. The right way, following step by step using all of the ingredients that were requested of me.
2. The wrong way, failing to purchase a succulent pineapple and instead opting for the can version. Big difference. Fresh is Best.

For more information regarding this recipe please click HERE.
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