Tuesday, February 22, 2011

CATALINA Cranberry Chicken

No, you are not seeing a mirage of back to back posts that are easy. This is infact, an entree that only requires four tasty ingredients (unless you add minute rice to the dish on the bottom, then 5 ingredients are needed). I am finding more and more, that if I add fruit to Baby D's meat dishes, he tends to devour them in record time. That being said, this was a real winner winner chicken dinner. My grandmother served this to us the last time we were up north. I was so ecstatic about the dish, that I had to get this recipe. I however was quite pleased to find out just how quick it was to put together. It can all be assembled ahead of time and placed into the oven about 1 hour prior to dinner time. Only 4 Ingredients!

For more information regarding this dish please click HERE.

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