Monday, February 21, 2011

The Versatile "Super" Bowl

This appetizer is as easy as it gets! Requires only two different ingredients (unless you want to spice it up abit), it takes about 10 minutes to put together (includes taking the pot and bowls out of the cabinet), and is a marvelous conversion piece at any shindig you may want to through. The dish is amazingly versatile, by using the same basic concept of egg to cracker mixture, you really can let your imagination go. For example if I was serving this app to HH and his posse, I would probably use "Spicy Cheez-It" for the bowl and "Tortilla Chips" for the inside of the bowl (setting salsa beside it) because that is what he prefers. On the other hand if Baby D were to have some youngsters over I would use "Goldfish Crackers"as the bowl and "Animal Crackers" as the inside. Basically, you can customize this dish to fit your own personal preference.

The recipe calls for a oven proof bowl, but I used a medium size pot and it turned out just fine.

For more information regarding this recipe please click HERE.
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