Thursday, February 17, 2011

Where In The World Is Farming Fabulously?

Holy Moly, it feels like I haven't been online in forever! We decided to take a last minute trip up the Nortwoods this past Thursday, in order to properly glorify the Green Bay Packers in their return to Lambeau Field. The whole state is in a massive salute to the renowned football team, my peeps flourished in flaunting our sacred colors within the streets (I felt as though we could have easily been at a JD convention). Needless to say I was bursting with pride. Speaking of pride, Baby D recently found is nose (Baby D's pronunciation: noooo-s ). I am having a hard time distinguishing between if I should consider it cute for a 17 month old to do or simply disturbing? Yet after much deliberation, I have concluded Baby D is just keep'n it real.
Farming Fabulously

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Tractor Mom said...

Way to go Packers! And Baby D is just getting started with the nose thing...