Monday, March 28, 2011

A Hot & Spicy Pizza and Dough....

 These recipes were in last months issue of Food Network magazine, so I thought I would give them a try. Baby D and I prepared them last week for HH, (Baby D is quite the little helper in the kitchen anymore) and they were a tremendous hit. The dough was light and a cinch to throw together, while the topping packed a hearty punch to palate. Simply delightful.

For more information regarding the dough recipe please click HERE.

For more information regarding the pizza recipe please click HERE!

As an added bonus, I found myself with some extra time on my hands this past weekend. Since the whether was not very desirable, I was forced to occupy my time indoors. Baby D was not feeling the best, so he slept alot, I mean alot, I mean he was only awake for 2 hour intervals throughout the day alot. So I did some revamping of our blog. You will now notice that on the left hand side, about mid-way down the page there is a label bar. When you click on the icon of your choice, it will shoot you over to the page that discusses that particular topic. Prior to this, I was trying to manage four different blogs, and collaborating them all takes up to much time. So this will now be our "Blog" of choice.

 And for past recipes remember you can always click on the blue recipe box on the right side column or click HERE, and you can save to your favorites, I have two years worth of intriguing recipes on that page alone.

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