Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Eva's Veracruz Corn

"Now that is some darn good corn", says HH as he wipes the kernals from his chin! The day has finally came when my FB has branched out of the "traditional" right off the shuck corn (now don't get me wrong that too is quite scrumptious), and has now found an alternative method to a side dish favorite. This dish gives corn a whole new meaning in life. Just the different textures alone, creates an instant repetitious behavior from plate to mouth. The crispiness of the fried tortillas, the sauteed vegetables, the hint of the pungent Aioli, then topped off with the saltiness of the Queso Fresco; Veracruz Corn is quite simply superb! It is know wonder that this succulent side is a best seller at Beso Restaurant, in Hollywood California. Now you too can cook a posh style dish in your humble-abode too.

To see more of the incredible cuisine featured at Beso click HERE!

For more information regarding this recipe please click HERE. Be sure to scroll down the page about mid-way.

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