Saturday, May 14, 2011

Look Who Made It To The Big Boy Potty?

Let me begin by stating this simple fact: Once you take a gander at this picture, then please erase it from your subconscious, as I am afraid of the of scrutiny Baby D may be plagued with later in life  keep it buried in subconscious and 18 years from now remind Baby D of just how precious he was as he was embarking on a new journey of this life. And that I blame HH for posting this picture, I would never want this picture to be published (insert wicked cackle). With that said, Baby D finally made his way to the big boy potty. For reasons unannounced to me, he has been scared to death of the Lou for quite sometime. The last 3 months or so, he has known what the commod was used for, and he could tell you when he had to go potty. But as far as using "the pot", it just wasn't happen'n. So I was quite baffled Friday when he I asked him if he wanted to use the potty, and his angelic response was "Yeah". Once he leaped onto the potty, and did his deed, there is no turning back. We celebrated with the infamous "Potty Dance" and he has been a champ ever since. Our little boy is growing up too fast!

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