Wednesday, May 11, 2011

5 Ingredient Salmon Salad...

As you all know, last Sunday was Mothers Day. And every Mothers Day, my mother and I get together to spend some quality time (Reality Check: She watches over Baby D, so I can get some much needed chorus done around the house), so to thank her for her much appreciated endeavor, I always make a meal for her. So about a week before the main event I called her to see, what ingredients she would like to see on the menu for this year. Now, you must keep an open mind, as mother is usually on some sort of diet, only allowing her self to indulge in certain things. As you can imagine, this has became a game for me now. This years challenge: "Oh honey make whatever you want, but I am dieting so if you could use only raw vegetables and if necessary,*insert long pause*  I guess I could cheat alittle and have some type of fish." say mom. So this is the recipe I came up with. It was very appetizing, healthy, and gosh darn it had a beautiful presentation. To be honest, I think I may even make another batch of it to keep on hand just to munch on. Afterall, I have to get back into my swimsuit here before too long. Actually, maybe I should consider starting this diet? Something to ponder.

I actually added about 2 TBSP of quality Balsamic Vinegar and then some S&P.

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