Friday, June 3, 2011

Big Fat Bacon Slidders My Friends.....

Good Golly Miss Molly, This Are Incredible! I fell in love with the whole concept of these burgers, as soon as I seen them. The fact that you wrap a piece of bacon around a hamburger, instead of just placing a full cooked piece of bacon on top is nothing short of sheer brilliance. The presentation is outstanding, you place a strip of bacon in the middle of the burger and the wrap it around forming a cross formation in the center (click on the recipe link below, it will go into more detail on the whole "bacon wrapping process"). Once you have the basic principles down on this burger, you can really let your imagination go mad.

Now I happened to adore the original recipe quite well, the tangy of the BBQ sauce made a great marriage with the salty, earthy flavors of the Parmesan.

But if you were wanting, say a slight twist on tradition. You instead of the BBQ, use ketchup, and instead of Parm, use sharp cheddar.

Or keep the BBQ and pair it with cheddar.

Or perhaps you prefer HH's "heartburn method", A1 and shaved Pepper Jack cheese. It is actually really good, just beware of the repercussions to follow.

Basically use the basic fundamentals of this bacon burger, then you can sass it up however you like.

For more information regarding this recipe please click HERE.

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Down On The Farm said...

I saw this recipe on PW and tried it for my family. THEY LOVED IT!!! They really were easy to make and tasted GREAT! A new twist on an old favorite . . . hamburgers!