Friday, June 10, 2011

The Lazy Man's Pot Pie

I just love going into a supermarket, finding which ever produce is in season or product that is on sale, and concocting recipes that adhere best to them. Well last week, I found a sale on Turkey Breast Tenderloins, so I decided to give them a whorl. I bought two loins and cooked them in the crock pot ( approx 5 hours on low or until meat will shred easily) with a package of Onion Soup Mix and 1 cup water. Let me just say, that that alone was to die for. It was a good thing I bought two loins because Baby D and I could not stop nibbling on it. Infact in the future, I think I would cook just the turkey and serve it with potato's and a vegetable of choice. Mmmmm, it was yummy.  But this time, I went ahead and combined it with all of the ingredients for a pot pie (recipe below). Now this particular evening I did not have time to prepare a crust, so instead I simply topped it with biscuits. Hence the Lazy Man's Pot Pie. It was a full flavored, comforting delight!
For more information regarding this recipe please click HERE.

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