Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Beef With Snow Peas.....

Just gazing at this picture makes my mouth water. This entree was rich with flavor, you can see the wonderful glaze glisten off of the tenderized meat. I could have easily consumed this whole dish! No lie. Really no lie. But instead HH beat me too it (my thighs thank him), we were literally licking up our plates acting like pure scavenges, wanting just one more morsel of that descendant delight. Even while I am sitting here typing away, I am cautiously reliving that palate satisfying moment. It's like buying that wardrobe staple romper to add to your summer clothing collection good. And then finding the absolutely perfect pair of wedges to accompany that jumpsuit good. Yes, it is that good.

I only changed two minor things to the recipe; First: instead of browning the meat in the cast iron, I instead let it marinade and soften in the crockpot. Low for about 4-5 hours. Second: I choose not to use the recommended rice, but instead relied on my trusty rice noodles (I buy them in bulk now). Exquisite either way.

For more information regarding this recipe please click HERE.

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