Monday, July 25, 2011

All A Board......

Our Baby will be turning 2 in September! So I took it upon myself to dress his little booty up in "Train Conductor" attire to take some pictures for his Birthday Card.

Believe it or not, Baby D has other passions besides tractors. Cho-Cho's rank high on his list of exciting pieces of equipment.

Infact I can even recite "Thomas The Train" theme song for you.

"They're two, they're four, they're six, they're eight;

Shunting trucks and hauling freight;

red and green and brown and blue

they're the really useful crew."

I'll quite there, in fear of having it stuck in your head all day.

*Check out his square toed cowboy boots, aren't they stellar?*

So Thomas and his Friends will be the focal point for this little soon to be 2 year olds Birthday this year. Bring on the Cho-Cho's!

Farming Fabulously


Allison31gifts said...

pretty sad on my part... I haven't been to your blog in about 2 years... because I think you were pregnant! Oh My! Since Tiffany will only pretty much post on her blog... I decided I would come find yours again. I always loved reading your recipes! Yum! Your little boy sure is cute!!! (tiffany's cousin in florida)

John Deere Mom said...

I CANNOT believe he is 2!! How did that happen?! Very adorable pictures!!

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Miller Racing Family said...

Wonderful photos. I love the 3rd and 4th photos.
Baby D is just so cute.