Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Ultimate Fruit Appetizer....

You know that wonderful fruit dip that you make every year. The one with the cream cheese. The one that you can not stop eating. Well, bust that recipe out again. Quite simply you fill phyllo cups with your favorite creamy fruit dip and top with your choice of fruit (perhaps even garnish it with fresh mint from your garden). A one bite wonder that all of your guests will thoroughly enjoy. Would highly recommend taking this to any summer gathering that you may be attending. But this recipe does come with a warning! Warning you to print out copy's of this recipe ahead of time, so when your guests asks you for the recipe you can simply hand them this 5 ingredient little miracle. Please excuse my arrogance, but it is hard to pull off all three key components in a dish: Simple, delicious and gorgeous. Hands down brilliant.

The Ultimate Fruit Appetizer

1 8oz package of cream cheese
1 7oz marshmallow fluff (a whole jar will do)
1 TBSP of orange juice
2 packages of phyllo shells (found in the frozen section, yes even in MarMo Town)
Assortment of fruit. I choose strawberries and blueberries going for the Independence Day theme.

Bake phyllo shells according to packaged directions, only takes 10 minutes or until slightly golden. Then mix first three ingredients with beaters to make sure it is combined throughout. Pour into toasted shells and top with an assortment of fruit. How easy is that?

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