Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Plug....

Who doesn't like a good bargain every now and then? 

I recently came across a local blog Classy-Couponing (don't you just love the name?) that gives you tremendous deals on every day products, free food at restaurants, "Price Matching"  at our local stores, and even offers hands on classes on how you too can save money couponing.  

Basically these classy ladies (two lovely Marshall teachers) are finding all of the deals/steals and giving you access to their money saving finds. They want you to save money!

So you MarMo neighbors you may want to check out their web-site.


Thank you ladies, for all of your hard work and money saving tips.

Farming Fabulously

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classycouponing said...

Thanks "K" for the plug! We truly love what we do & are glad to hear that people are benefiting from the deals!