Monday, November 28, 2011

Take A Gander At My Two Year Old's Pictures.....

Baby D recently had his 2 year old pictures taken by the fabulous Kathy McCloy! She, as usual, did an an outstanding job! Mrs. McCloy has always been very cordial and extremely easy to work with. And it seems as though, each of her pictures really do tell a story. The use of vibrant colors is exquisite and "Your Moment" is truly captured in time. She is a traveling photographer, whom I believe will visit just about anywhere to capture your shot. What better Christmas gift you could genuinely give a person, then that of a collaboration of photos. Just Say'n...!

Check her out at Kathy McCloy Photography!

Farming Fabulously 

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Alysen said...

Those are ALL great pics but my favorites are the ones with you and your little guy....soooo sweet!! Happy Holidays!