Monday, December 12, 2011


May I introduce to you my new addiction, the Migas! It all started when I was pilfering through our local grocery store and came across a package of Tostadas. And I thought to myself, "self this could be an incredibly versatile ingredient that I must make something out of." I remembered a recipe I had seen a few months back that had called for fried tortillas. At the time I had not wanted to exert that much ambition towards a breakfast cuisine, but thought that it sure did look tasty. So when I gazed upon these lovely looking Tostadas on the self, I jumped at the opportunity to make my beloved Migas.  Not only is the taste of this dish sensational, but the texture is that of pure greatness. A savory entree that is a must try and repeat in my book.

For more information regarding this dish please click HERE.

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