Friday, December 16, 2011

Over The Border Shrimp Enchiladas....

You know the recipe that you find in the magazines, where they are trying to sell you a specific ingredient? The ones were half the time you only take a brief glance at, and keep on skimming through the magazine until you find that little motorized scooter for little Jimmy. Well keep in mind, statistics show that those "Ingredient Pushers" have some of the tastiest, easiest, most unexpected recipes advertised out there. This dandy entree is brought to you by Philadelphia Cream Cheese and dare I say it is superb. I always keep at least two packages of Philadelphia Cream Cheese in my refrigerator at all times it is just such a versatile product. Making this and any Enchilada so rich and creamy that everyone should be mandated to use it (Perhaps a bit extreme, but it is Friday after all?). Bottom line is, this entree would be great to make any night of the week and an excellent way to introduce your kiddo's to seafood.

For information regarding this recipe please click HERE.

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