Monday, March 26, 2012

2012 Spring Fads....

One of my lasted trends is scouting out fantastic "Colored Jeans". Now prior to my first introduction to these beauties, I was convinced that I could never pull off this look, as I am not a size 0. It took a trip down to Atlanta, alot of convincing in the dressing room just to try them on, and much people watching to realize that infact, all 5'3" tall Farming Fabulously could indeed wear these jeans with her head held high.

Some of the things that I adore about the "Colored Jean" are:

1. Yes they are a skinny fit, but when you have the comforting stretch material, it will infact cover up flaws. A little love handles, if you know what I say'n.

2. HIGH WAISTED! But not too high! I took me sometime to realize that after child, I should really no longer be wearing lower waisted jeans. Why? You are constantly bending over, thus having to hick up your britches or expose yourself to the public. Not very flattering. Thus the new found comfort of higher waisted jeans which in a "Colored Jean" is fabulous.

3. You can actually see those darling flats that you want to show off while wearing skinny jeans. Keep in mind 98% of the time, those flared out "Boot Cut Jeans" are hiding your beloved flats.

Bottom Line: Love them!

The link below is an example of what I normally look for now in skinny jeans. You do not have to pay a hefty price for them, infact, I would recommend that you do not, (I do not) because they are a revolving fashion trend. Just know what to look for.

Click HERE for an example.

I am obsessing over all things Argan Oil! Love the Shampoo, Conditioner, Oil and currently the Mousse. My hair has never felt so smooth, shiny and all around healthy ever before. Sulfate and Alcohol Free, yet stills gives you volume and even controls those pesky fly aways. But what I really love most about this product is, you will not have clumps of mousse stuck in your hair. I have purchased products in the past were I was left with massive, unattractive globs in my hair. No one should have to put themselves through that.

You can purchase this product from one of your local salons Amazon...... or if you want to buy the same item for a more expensive price click HERE. Your call.

This compactable stroller has proven to be an ulitmate necessity while traveling. It glides easily with one hand, while rolling your carry-on along with the other. Exteremly light weight, yet can carry a tiny tot weighing up to 45 lbs. And if you have a rather lanky child, like Baby D, the back rest is of tall portation. I can fold and unfold this stroller in a matter of seconds, which is required with a 2.5 year old. The best part, is you can stow it away in the overhead compartment in the airplane.

For more information about the traveling stroller click HERE.

After moving Baby D up to a Booster Seat (with headrest), I found it to be quite painful watching him try to get comfortable enough to fall asleep. His poor little head would bobble from side to side, and jerk around every time I turned a corner. So when I came across this Seatbelt Pillow, I knew it was just thing we needed inorder to fully suspend any further wipe lash he would otherwise inevitable endure.

The soft fabric really relaxes him especially on longer car rides, and positions him a more comfortable manner. I wonderful mommy investment.

For more information regarding the seat belt cover check this LINK out.

I have always been a fan of all things vintage! Are they not exquisite? Recently at the farmstead, we have been experiencing an abundance of gorgeous spring flowers. Yet having just planted my landscaping last year, I really do not have the bouquets that I would like just yet. So to bulk up my arrangements, I found that these tantalizing jars are just the thing I needed. They separate the flowers giving them more definition and flare, thus making our home look ever so cheery.

For more information regarding the Vintage Confection Jars click HERE.

And finally, what I feel every mom on the can't live without, a durable purse! Prior to potty training, I always had to lug around an enormous bag (while I still keep it in the car just incase), filled with all those essentials that Baby D had have. It was always crammed full and extremely heavy, I am sure all of you are familiar with "that" bag. Well now that he is more self-sufficient, I have found that a darling little purse such as this one is just perfect for your daily errand runs. Throw it around your neck, across your hip and it is one less thing you need to juggle around. I have one somewhat equivalent to this purse that I found at Marshall's for a quarter of the price, yet still a quality leather that I knew would not brake easily. Love it..

For more information regarding this please click HERE.

Farming Fabulously

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