Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Brianna's Five Bean Salad

Have you ever heard of Brianna's Salad Dressings? "There is no MSG's, no chemicals, and no funny business-just the freshest ingredients and the highest level of family pride, lovingly sealed in every bottle" as per Briannas website. A game winning slogan if I ever did hear one!

I have posted in the past about Baby D's unwillingness to try new ingredients. Thus, I have to currently sneak certain nutritional foods into his daily cuisine. Having found "Brianna's Blush Vinaigrette" (strawberry flavor), has really been a triumph for me. I can pour it over any vegetable of choice and he will devour it like a champ. The sweet, tanginess of the Vinaigrette really appease Baby D's taste buds and sends him into Vegetable overload. A perfect solution for all of your "little" culinary critics.

For more information regarding this recipe please click HERE.

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