Monday, May 7, 2012

A T-Rex Experience...

Baby D is currently experiencing an extreme lust for all things Dinosaurs! So I decided it was time to let him see first-hand some of those massive reptiles.

It was time to visit T-Rex.

A look of sheer horror excitement was evident throughout our entire escapade.

The ancient Dinosaur "decor", was spectacular! It was something that peeps of all ages could really appreciate.

And the cuisine was excellent! I was sceptical of eating there at first, because usually these type of places serve less to be desired entrees. But they truly did impress us by their variety of choices and the quality of our meals. Baby D ordered Chicken Strips that were shaped like different dinosaurs ( how cute are those ).

Now you can not visit the T-Rex Cafe without giving hugs and kisses to all of the friendly Dino's.

Have you ever heard of Build-a-Bear. Well let me introduce to you Build-a-Dino. Baby D picked out which Dinosaur he wanted, decided upon a noise he wanted it to make, then choose a heart to place inside. You were also given the option of a wardrobe and birth certifcate if you chose to do so.

Overall, this was a fantastic dinosaur adventure that I am sure we will be doing again in the near future. And did I mention that this little restaurant just so happens to be located in the heart of a phenomenal shopping district? Just Say'n.

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