Friday, June 1, 2012

My Spinach Salad....

I simply adore all kinds of Spinach Salad! This one emparticular is one of my favorites. Since my taste buds have a tendency to lean towards all things savory. I had my first version of this salad many years ago when it was being served at a quaint little European Restaurant located in Tomah Wisconsin. I found it to be exceptional with the warm, yes warm dressing drizzled over it.  That was not something that I had ever experienced before, and it was incredible. At the time it was a sensational way to get myself to indulge in leafy greens. I continue to make this salad to this day, as it is one of the only ways that I can get HH to eat his leafy greens!

The recipe below is a very similar to the one that I use.

For more information regarding "My Spinach Salad" recipe please click HERE.

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