Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Lets Load Up...

Once a month we load "Percy the Pony" up, and head to our local fairgrounds were we fiercely complete for the the prestigious title of........ "Lead Line Champion". *insert trumpet sounds*

Small crowds gather to cheer on the vast competitors.

Dress code is mandatory for the tiny tots, so all appropriate measures must be taken to fulfill these horse show obligations.

We must instinctually listen to the National Anthem and then to the Cowboys Prayer before we begin today's competition.

Alas, its game time. Baby has a look of sheer determination on his face.

The kiddo's line up in their respectable order and wait patiently to hear the judges verdict.

A blue ribbon! Everyone gets a blue ribbon!

All of our hard work and dedication has finely paid off.

Now its time to head out and prep for next month.

Farming Fabulously

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