Monday, August 18, 2014

Cheers: Fresh Peach Bellinis

It's great to be back my peeps! So I figured what better way to celebrate then to mixologize a cocktail;) Clink, Clink.. Here at the farmstead, I am all about utilizing the abundance of fresh produce that is currently taking over my kitchen. We've been super busy canning, freezing, and eating our way through all of natures most luxurious bounties. Peaches are one of our fav's! I swear Big D (no longer baby D, sniff) could eat 3 giant peaches in one place setting. So I try to keep them on hand whenever possible. He would devour them grilled, placed into a cobbler, eaten with certain white curds as an afternoon snack or even gobbled to the pit. Basically, he would eat them Here, Or There, On Bus, On a Boat, In a Plane, or On a Train..
So I did what any good momma would do. I borrowed a few:0 Yep! And lordy me, did I embrace myself in a heavenly experience. The sweetness of the peach paired with the classic bubbling characteristics of a fine Champaign or Prosecco, Superb! A spectacular summer cocktail, that is refreshing and elegantly served.
For more information regarding this recipe please click HERE.
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Down On The Farm said...

Welcome back! That looks absolutely DELICIOUS. I'm guessing you could substitute Sprite or 7-Up for a non-alcoholic version?? Light rain here in MO. Hallelujah! We need it!!