Wednesday, August 27, 2014

"Fried Cheese" aka "Mozzarella Sticks" aka "Fried Mozzarella Sticks"

Depending on your regional residence as too what you may refer to this appetizer as.
I decided to look up the term online and I found this particular slang rather comical..
Mozzarella Stick
Someone who you turn to for casual, no-strings-attached hookups. a "snack" of sorts.
Guy: What's going on with you and Steve? Are you guys dating?
Girl: Oh not really, he's just a mozzarella stick.
As Per.....Click HERE.

Really? However, it did give a chuckle when I processed the actual information.

Now lets get back too really discussing the actual yummy, crunchy, cheese that this meal starter has to offer. As an adult of an undisclosed age, I tend to digress back into my youthful years whenever I bite into one of those hunks of goodness. And thus, have passed on my rather absurd behavior to Big D. Here is how it all goes down:

Once the FMS is cooled to moderate temperature, we here at the farmstead bite into one end of FMS. Slowly, carefully, and very delicately begin to move the other end of the FMS away from our mouths. The goal of this ridiculously amusing game is to see how far you can get your cheese away from your mouth without braking the hand to mouth connection. The technique, edicate, and even sophistication of this modern marvel event is unsuppressed. You should try it :)

For more information regarding this "Fried Cheese" recipe please click HERE.

Cheese Out,
Farming Fabulously

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