Friday, September 5, 2014

Big D Turn's 5...

The days of "Thomas the Train", "Elmo", "Bubble Guppies" and even "Winnie The Pooh" are now just a treasured memory of our past.
Thus, he spends most of his days playing rough, wrestling, and shooting an occasional Nerf Bullet at an unsuspecting victim; Then hops on the Gator and goes for a spin. Cause that is what all 5 year old's do, he tells me.

He tells me "5 year old's can have a T.V. in their room", "but don't even think about taking those training wheels off my bike"

D tells me "5 year old's don't need nap time anymore", "but to please hand him his soft fluffy deer to lay his head on."

He tells me "5 year old's can have sleepovers with their friends," then all 60lbs of him crawls on my lap and wants to cuddle

He tells me "5 year olds shouldn't have to eat their fruits and vegetables," then he devours a whole bowl of hummus.

He tells me "5 year old's shouldn't have to get their picture taken," I say SMILE:)

He says "5 year old's should be able to use knives and cut their food," then notices the potentially harmful blade decides otherwise.

He tells me "5 year old's have friends that are girls" then, chases after that pretty little girl in the blue.

D tells me "5 year old's can work in the shop unsupervised", then comes back with some bumps and bruises.

I *heart* my 5 year old
Happy Birthday Big D,
Farming Fabulously


Down On The Farm said...

I can't believe he is 5. Where do the years go. Then again I can't believe my "baby boy" is 21, and my "baby girl" is 18. Wish I could turn back the clock. Have a BLESSED DAY!

Heather said...

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