Monday, May 9, 2011

Meet Louie. He is our Farm Dog!

That's right we added a new addition to our family, Louie the Farm Dog. He's cute, cuddly, calm, and he smells good. Now Louie is 1/2 Beagle, 1/4 Border Collie and well, lets just say he is the orginal Heinz 57 special. He was a suprise by his previous owners, as they were not expecting a liter of puppies. But that is neither here nor there, we are escatic to have Louie around the farmstead. Baby D loads Louie up in the back of his truck and together they go scooting around the farm. They check crops together, they deliver corn, they haul loads of dirt and even critique my methods of feeding the horses (Baby D prefers two scoops of grain to my one). Louie is a sheer delight to have around the farmstead. And I am sure we will have lots more adventures still to come with Baby D and Louie.

Farming Fabulously

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Miller Racing Family said...

What a great addition. I love Baby D's smile!