Thursday, July 14, 2011

22 Month Accomplishments

I had some random pictures laying around that I wanted to post, so I thought that now would be a great time to share with you what exactly Baby D is currently doing since he is 22 months old.

I will begin by saying that he can now ride comfortably buckled into the combine for 1 1/2hours, I can't even do that.

We recently took down his baby crib and converted it to a "Big Boy Bed". Our not even two year old sleeps comfortably at night in a full size bed. A full size bed, is still very hard for me to fathom!

We are currently in the beginning stages of potty training. Enough said!

Baby D's vocabulary is nothing short of stellar. He repeats everything you say and is putting words together. You can imagine how the language around the farmstead has had to drastically change. Some of his favorite phrases are: Read Again, Louie No-No, Big Tractor, Daddy's Combine, Papa Buck, and Papa Truck.

He is learning to count. When asked how old he is Baby D will say "One Year". When asked how high he can count he will say "One Year". I suspect that he will elaborate on his use of numbers eventually.

He is becoming more particular with what he wants to eat. However, still having no issues seeking foods such as; Equine food, Canine food, and the always popular Feline cuisine.

He loves to run really fast, just like his cousin Blake. Jumping, throwing, kicking, and catching balls, swimming on his back and belly, blowing bubbles, riding around in his gator (although steering has been an issue lately), picks produce out of the garden with me, helps the FB's relocate in the field, all-n-all he is a baby boy on a mission. And soon my Baby will be "Two Years Old".

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