Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Poblano Rice

One of the latest trends that is currently circulating around our area is "Food Bars". It is when someone hosts a gathering, and instead of bringing the traditional random appetizer, entree or dessert, each guest is asked to bring a themed dish. The last "Food Themed Bar" that HH and I attended, was themed burrito/taco. Everyone, brought a dish that went along with that theme. Still sticking with appetizer, entree and dessert, but enhancing it with a Mexican flare (I really wish I would have taken pictures so you could see how amazing the food spread actually was, next time). We were asked to bring a rice side dish. So I immediately scooped out Food Networks Marcela Valladolid, she cooks up incredible cuisine on her show Mexican Made Easy (I DVR her all the time). That is were I found this phenomenal Poblano Rice! It proved to be not only easy, but oh so flavorful. It was definitely a great twist on the traditional, and went lovely with the burrito/taco bar theme. Infact, HH is now insistent that anytime I am serving Mexican cuisine that I feature this rice.

I did however make one slight change, I simply sauteed the Poblano right with the onion, instead of going through the steaming process.

For more information regarding this recipe please click HERE!

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