Monday, July 18, 2011

After All Of This Heat I Need A Refreshing Cocktail!

As there seems to be no relief in sight for this blistering heat and humidity. So what better way to stay cool then to make a nice refreshing cocktail. Watermelon and cucumber (believe you me, it makes an astonishing combination) are about as quenching to the palate as it gets. And it is extremely assessable this time of year, so what better way to beat the heat then to sip merrily on a margarita. This is a perfect substitute for your traditional sweet and sour margaritas that you would normally find at restaurants. If you prefer to take out the alcohol, this drink would be great healthy alternative to serve to your kiddo's. Especially if you let them help you in the kitchen, Baby D was incharge of putting the cucumber and watermelon into the blender for me.

Trust me when I say, "Make these Margarita's at your next dinner party!"

For more information regarding this cocktail please click HERE!

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