Monday, August 15, 2011

All Boy....

You never know what is going to happen here at the farmstead! Yesterday evening Baby D and I were out and about, when we ran into HH and Uncle Bert on the four wheeler, they were going to meet a man down on the back side of the grain bins. We chatted with them for awhile then they drove off. Well, Baby D decided that it was inappropriate to leave him, so he slowly moseyed on down towards their direction. 

Baby D was ahead of me, and I was casually taking my time thinking of all the others things that needed to be getting done around our humble-abode instead of chasing after the FB's. Then I seen my tiny tot bend over and pick something up, I assumed it was probably a frog, or a piece of loose corn, or even perhaps a penny. As I creeped closer towards him I nonchalantly asked him what he was holding. He casually replied, "A mouse"( mice that ingest poison will wonder out in the open)! I immediately begin to hyperventilate! I screamed loudly at least 3 times and told him to put that nasty thing down (Now the FB's were only afew bins away, I thought for sure that they would hear my screams and come running, very concerned over my safety). So he did. Then he began to stomp on the mouse! Gross! Gross! Gross! At this point I ran down and grab him, then began to lecture him on how dirty and germ infested those creatures are. He in the mean time, will not stop laughing at his mothers distress.

Later on that evening, HH and Uncle Bert came back up the house. Now they were on the other side of the bins compared to us. But surely they had to hear my frantic screams. So I questioned them. "Did you guys hear some unusual screaming early on today when you were down by the bins?" They looked at each and both were pretty confident that yes, they had heard some sort of screaming down by the bins. So I continued my interrogation by asking them a basic question, "Why the heck didn't you come investigate, Baby D was trying to make friends with a mouse?"

I was never really given a legitimate response to any of my questions.

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